Come train with us!


What is Bujinkan?

Bujinkan litteraly means “Hall of the warrior God” and is a gathering of techniques from 9 different ancient martial arts schools. It is a very complete program that teaches hand-to-hand techniques, as well as weapons. It teaches you to move freely and naturally, adapting yourself to the situation.


Who is it for?

The trainning welcomes everyone from teenagers to seniors. We train in a way that minimizes injuries and, while we respect the serious nature of the martial art we train in a relaxed setting.

We often begin the trainning with warm-ups followed by Ukemis such as break falls, rolls and other techniques to learn how to protect one-self. You don’t have to be especially flexible, strong, endurant or have a specific martial art background.


Train with us

Located at 10 minutes from the center of Brussels, our dojo is very accessible. The first two trainings are free, we invite you to come try this curious and unique art by yourself, as pictures and videos won’t let you feel what it is like to be on the mats. We train on tuesdays, wednesdays and sundays. The following links will give you all the informations you need. Should you have a question, we invite you to contact us directly so we can help you.

How to access the dojo and when? – How to contact us